Take Action on Advocacy Issues

Policy change is one major way we can make a difference in the lives of people living with mental health conditions and their families. NAMI’s legislative and public policy priority is to support Americans affected by mental illness’ opportunities to build better lives. NAMI advocates for an array of issues including:

  • Securing better funding for research
  • Protecting people’s access to treatment and services
  • Attaining mental health parity

NAMI National maintains an active presence in the U.S. Capitol on priority issues, driven by our board-directed NAMI Public Policy Platform and emerging issues. NAMI also has a strong presence in all 50 states, advocating for state laws, as well as county and local policies and ordinances that will ensure that people get the help they need. 


Elected officials make decisions that affect how, when and where you can get the mental health services and supports you need. During campaigns, candidates listen closely to potential voters. What they hear will help inform decisions they make about mental health care when elected to office. No one can tell them better than you, the voice of lived experience, about the need for mental health services and supports. It’s up to us to elect officials who will implement policies to improve mental health care for all Americans. Whether you are a caretaker, an advocate or someone who lives with a mental illness, your vote matters.

NAMI’s Priorities

  • Increase the availability of quality mental health care
  • Promote early identification and intervention
  • Reduce criminalization
  • Enforce mental health insurance parity
  • Support mental health caregivers

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Register to vote

Voter registration deadlines are approaching, make sure you are able to vote in your state. Voters in most places can request reasonable accommodations to ensure their ability to vote, and in most states people undergoing court-ordered evaluation or receiving mental health treatment in a mental health facility can’t be denied the right to vote just because they are a patient.

Learn your state voting rights. Many states also have different voting laws regarding former offenders, learn more about the restoration of your voting rights.



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